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Shao-Lin Wooden Man Training Program

The forms/training with the Shao-Lin "Wooden Man" makes up an important part of the Kung Fu skills and conditioning found at our Shao-Lin schools. The "Wooden Man" form contains many of the fighting techniques and combinations of the Shao- Lin system.

The advantages of training on a Wooden Man are, that it can be hit as hard as the practitioner wishes, it can be trained on for long hours whereas a live partner might get bored. Also as the Wooden Man does not move much, thus the practitioner learns mobility while circling around the Wooden Man in conjunction with blocking and striking hand & foot techniques.

The key benefits of training on a "Wooden Man" are:
* Improves Yao Li (power from the waist)
* Teaches the student the correct distance
* Encourages good structure and alignment in techniques
* Conditioning of the hands, arms and legs
* Helping the student practice applying techniques with force

Wooden Man Class Times: 

Tuesday: 7pm - 8pm
Saturday: 11am - 12Noon
Sunday: 12Noon - 1pm