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August Greetings Shao-Lin Students,

As we near the end of the summer of 2020, we are continuing to enjoy all of the outdoor training over the Lower, Brown & Black Belt weapons.

Our Tai Chi & Lower Belt students are back into their training as well, BOTH OnLine and at the School.

For the Brown Belts, we are reviewing the Golden Mountain Tiger & Sea Dragon Cane, Southern Single-ended Waxwood Staff and Kwan Tao. And beginning the Fast & Explosive Single 8-Directional Broadsword.

And our Black Belts are reviewing their Classical PaKua & 2-Person Set, 1st Shantung Black Tiger, and Northern Tan Tui, and Southern Spears - Mei Hua Chiang (Plum Blossom Spear) & Yang Chia Chiang (Yang Family Spear).

And we are beginning this month, the Tornado Broadswords.
And we have just received a shipment of broadswords from our suppliers.

We are just Beginning this month, the Famous PaKua Spear, on Saturdays @ 9am for 8 weeks. August and September 2020.

And for ALL Levels, the 2-Person Double-ended Staff Weapon Fighting Set Festival will be taught on Saturday, August 22nd @ 10am.

And also Black Belts have their end-of-summer PreTest on Sunday August 9th @ 8am and the Brown Belt Test follows at 12noon.

And following the Testing, we will be offering for the FIRST Time EVER, the Famous Monk Spade, on Sunday August 9th @ 2pm.

From the Classic Chinese Novel from China's 12th Century - Song Dynasty The Story of Lu Da - One of the Famous Outlaws of the Marsh.

Sagacious Lu with his Monk Spade and the Battle of Twin Dragon Peak

You can always renew/update your membership online, coming into the school, or mailing in your payment.

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We hope everyone is enjoying and benefiting from the FaceBook OnLine “Shao-Lin” Zen Forest Groups, for all levels.

Feel free to go to the website and “Sign-Up” for any upcoming classes/seminars.

If you do have any questions, regarding any of the above, please FB message me.

David Soard – FaceBook https://www.facebook.com/davidsoard

Please FB message us, if you are in need of, or interested in a Private Lesson, whether for polish & review, of “new” instruction.
We are beginning to schedule lessons now.

Wishing all of you Health, Happiness and Longevity.

Zai Jian,

David and Sharon
8th degree Senior ElderMasters
Chinese Shao-Lin Center- Kung Fu / Tai Chi / Wooden Man
(Est. 1979)

9 Shao-Lin “Zen Forest” Groups
(Please click below on the “Group” you’re interested in joining)

Shao-Lin Zen Forest Lower Belt / Tai Chi Group

Shao-Lin Zen Forest Wooden Man / Iron Monk Group

Shao-Lin Zen Forest Wooden Man Part XII+ Group

Shao-Lin Zen Forest Brown Belt Group

Shao-Lin Zen Forest Black Belt Group

Shao-Lin Zen Forest 7 Star Sword Group

Shao-Lin Zen Forest Dragon Meditation Group

Shao-Lin Zen Forest Beggar Bowl and Stick Group

Shao-Lin Zen Forest 3rd Road of Hua Mountain Group

Shao-Lin Zen Forest 8 Animal PaKua Group


Brown Belts:
Yeh Ch’an Pa Feng Tao ~ Chinese Long Knife 8 Directional Night Battle

Se Mien Pa Fang Suang Tao ~ Double BroadSwords

Brown Belt PreTest 

Sunday, August 2nd (12Noon)
(Black Belt Panel Required)

Black Belt Pretest 

Sunday, August 9th (8AM – 12Noon)
Senior Black Belt Panel Required!

Brown Belt Test 

Sunday, August 9th, (12Noon - 2PM)
(Black Belt Panel Required)

Sagacious Lu with his famous Monk's Spade and the Battle at Twin Dragon Peak 

Sunday, August 9th, (2PM - 6PM)
(Black Belt Panel Required)
OPEN to: Open to All Levels! @ CSC DENVER

Click here for all the details!

Pang vs. Pang - 2 Person Staff Set 

(Exciting Dbl-End Staff 2-Person Set)
Saturday, Aug. 22nd (10AM – 12Noon)
OPEN to: White Belts & Above
**Regularly Scheduled Black/Brown &
Wooden Man Classes will be ongoing as well**