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Shao-Lin Test & Festival Weekend - June 6th & 7th, 2020 @ Denver

Nimen Hao and May Greetings Shao-Lin,

Sr ElderMaster Sharon and I hope you are doing well, and enjoying & benefiting from the Shao-Lin Zen Forest FaceBook training over the past 8 weeks.

As your June 2020 Test is only a few weeks away, we were wanting to share with you the upcoming Test & Festival schedules for a June 6th and 7th at Denver.

I have just returned from the Annual Raleigh Shao-Lin Kung Fu Spring PreTest and Festival, and their Black Belts were very enthusiastic and spirited as usual, and looking forward to their trip to Denver in June, as 9 of them are eager and preparing to Test 1st to 2nd Black with all the other Shao-Lin students from each school location.

Below and on our FB pages are the “tentative” TEST Schedules for ALL Levels of Black Belts planning to advance @ Denver on Saturday June 6th 2020.

And just an FYI, as we have been mentioning to all the 1st thru 6th degree Black Belts testing this year, our TESTing this year will resemble the Testing that occurs in China every 4 years, where students only test over the forms they have ready and are prepared to test over.

And that June 6th “will be” their “formal” Test Date, and then later this summer or fall, they can polish and prepare the remainder of their advancement material for testing!

Especially since this has been an unusually challenging year for those preparing for Black Belt advancement.

And a few Denver students, 1st through 5th Black have been either coming in just recently to review, polish and prepare as much of their material as they can for their Test, and a handful have been scheduling Private Lessons and review as well.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions, and we look forward to seeing you soon in classes.


PS: We will be sending out an "Updated" Black Belt TEST List for all 1st thru 6th Blacks planning to Test on June 6th, for each of you to review.

Shao-Lin Black Belt Test Schedule: 

Shao-Lin Black Belt Test Schedule:
Saturday June 6th, 2020 @ Denver

6th-7th Blacks
5th-6th Blacks
4th-5th Blacks

3rd-4th Blacks

2nd-3rd Blacks

1st-2nd Blacks

1st-2nd Blacks

And following Guidelines for Safe Social-Distancing - see below

Song Emperor Tai Zu’s 2-Sectional Long Sweeper Festival Schedule 

Sunday June 7th 2020 @ Denver

Raleigh/Colorado Springs

Albuquerque/LA/Salt Lake City


(For any students who find they have a conflict with the above scheduling, for your convenience please feel free to join a different group/time)

Click here for festival flyer

Guidelines for Safe Social-Distancing: 

6 feet between individuals.

All activities outdoors in the sunlight and fresh air – please wear appropriate footwear – FeiYue shoes available at the school.

All doors will be open to ensure proper air flow.

Sanitizing stations available at both doors, and also throughout the school, along with 2 sinks providing disinfectant soap and hot water and disposable paper towels.

Recommended to wear a mask, especially if you think you are at risk.

Masks available at the school, but feel free to wear your own. Bandanas will suffice.

Do not share weapons or other equipment.

Outdoor activity in Groups no larger than 10.

Indoors for “Retail Sales”

Indoor Personal training by appointment – limited to 4 individuals complying with Social Distancing.

Please stay home if you have a fever, or think you’re showing any symptoms.

Stay well and keep training.