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September Greetings Shao-Lin Students,

As we approach the Fall of 2020, we are enjoying the slightly cooler weather for all of the outdoor training over the Lower, Brown & Black Belt weapons.

Our Tai Chi & Lower Belt classes are going well, as many have recently advanced through the ranks, and their instruction is still available, BOTH OnLine and at the School.

For the Brown Belts, we are continuing to review the weapons for Summer…
And beginning the colorful and rare Shao-Lin Bird System – Luo Tien & Chan Ie.

And our Black Belts are reviewing all of their weapons of Summer, and beginning the dynamic Tiger Hook Swords this month.

We have just received a shipment of hook swords from our suppliers. .

We are continuing with the Famous PaKua Spear, on Saturdays @ 9am & Sundays @ 12noon, all of September.

And for ALL Levels, the Classical Southern Kung Fu Weapons, the 8 Slashes 36 Posture Double Butterfly Sword Festival will be taught on Sunday, September 13th @ 10am-12noon.

And we just received a shipment of a variety of styles of Double Butterfly Swords, so be sure to purchase yours while supplies Last!

And at the end of this month, feel free to join us, as we’ll be heading to the Chinese Shao-Lin Center in Salt Lake City for the Annual end-of-summer Black Belt PreTest/Brown Belt & Lower Belt TEST on Saturday September 26th

And following the Testing @ 8am, we will be offering the exciting Shao-Lin Flying Swallow Festival @ 12Noon.

And we just received a shipment, so be sure to purchase your Rope Dart while supplies Last!

Online and In-Person Learning 

If you currently have an “active” Denver Shao-Lin membership, and have not received an INVITE to a Group appropriate to your Level, please do FB message me below, on my personal FB page.

New Students can pick a membership here: Membership and begin their Journey of Exploration and Discovery leading to Health, Fitness & Martial Skill, developed in China centuries ago.

And yes, now that we have figured out the complexity of offering OnLine Shao-Lin training, we WILL continue to offer weekly lessons, as it is not only of benefit for many of you, when life gets hectic, but also for all of our remote Shao-Lin students, who have asked for years if there was a way for them to continue training in the Art.

9 Shao-Lin “Zen Forest” Groups
(Please click below on the “Group” you’re interested in joining)

Shao-Lin Zen Forest Lower Belt - Tai Chi Group

Shao-Lin Zen Forest Wooden Man - Iron Monk Group

Shao-Lin Zen Forest Wooden Man Part XII+ Group

Shao-Lin Zen Forest Brown Belt Group

Shao-Lin Zen Forest Black Belt Group

Shao-Lin Zen Forest 7 Star Sword Group

Shao-Lin Zen Forest Dragon Meditation Group

Shao-Lin Zen Forest Beggar Bowl and Stick Group

Shao-Lin Zen Forest 3rd Road of Hua Mountain Group

Shao-Lin Zen Forest 8 Animal PaKua Group

David and Sharon
8th degree Senior ElderMasters
Chinese Shao-Lin Center- Kung Fu - Tai Chi / Wooden Man
(Est. 1979)


Brown Belts: Luo Tien/Chan Ie - (Descends from Heaven/Spreading of the Wings)

Black Belts: Tien Ta Suang Hu Tou Gou - Double Tiger Hook Swords Shake the Heavens

Double Butterfly Swords 

Classical Shao-Lin Southern Weapon
(8 Slashes 36 Posture Sword)

Sunday, Sept. 13th (10AM - 12Noon)
White Belts & Above

Click here for festival flyer

Salt Lake City Eldermaster Visit 

Classical Rope Dart

Saturday, September 26th
Test/PreTest (9AM - 12Noon)
Festival (12Noon - 5PM)

Open to all CSC Students!