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December/Holiday Greetings Shao-Lin Students,

As we end the Year of the Metal RAT, and prepare to begin the Year of the Golden OX in 2021, we have quite a few exciting and rare Kung Fu seminars to offer.

We begin with the IRON RULERS (Sai) double weapons for the Brown Belts.

And for the Black Belts we complete the Shantung Black TIGER System – Hei Hu Shou Shang – Black Tiger Wounded.

Our Tai Chi & Lower Belt classes, as well as, our Dragon Meditation, are both on-going, and Shao-Lin Wooden Man is better than Ever, now that we have added 4 additional Wooden Men to the school’s training equipment.

And instruction and training is still available, BOTH on-line and at the School.
Especially nice to train in the comfort and security of your home 24/7 when the roads are icy and treacherous!
(Keep an eye out for additional videos and training to post in December)

And offered to both Brown & Black Belts, the Classical and Famous – TIGER/CRANE –beginning Saturday, December 5th @ 9am @ Denver. For 4 Weeks.

And ending out a month of excitement and FUN, we will be offering to our 4th degree Black Belts and Above, the Art of Dim Mak / Tien Hsui – Ancient Skills and Knowledge of “36 Hitting the BronzeMan” with the Acupuncture Points & Solutions.
Sunday 12/6 @ 9am-12noon.
Be sure to bring your Acupuncture Models (we just received a shipment this past week) and your Iron Chopsticks as well.

And to end out the month/year, we will be teaching one of the Most Rare and Intense forms of Chi Kung Training: General YUEH FEI’S SHIH PA KUAN – 18 Historic Chi Kung/Warrior Postures seminar!
Saturday, Dec. 19th @ 10am-12noon.
Open to Brown Belts and Above.

Online and In-Person Learning 

You can always renew/update your membership on the website, or by coming into the school, or mailing in your payment: Membership

If you do have any questions, regarding any of the above, please FB message me. David Soard – FaceBook

We hope everyone is enjoying and benefiting from the FaceBook OnLine “Shao-Lin” Zen Forest Groups, for all levels.

Shao-Lin “Zen Forest” Groups
(Please click below on the “Group” you’re interested in joining)

Shao-Lin Zen Forest Lower Belt - Tai Chi Group

Shao-Lin Zen Forest Wooden Man - Iron Monk Group

Shao-Lin Zen Forest Wooden Man Part XII+ Group

Shao-Lin Zen Forest Brown Belt Group

Shao-Lin Zen Forest Black Belt Group

Shao-Lin Zen Forest 7 Star Sword, Skewer the Sun Sword Group

Shao-Lin Zen Forest Dragon Meditation Group

Shao-Lin Zen Forest Beggar Bowl and Stick Group

Shao-Lin Zen Forest 3rd Road of Hua Mountain Group

Shao-Lin Zen Forest 8 Animal PaKua Group

Shao-Lin Zen Forest PaKua Spear Group

David and Sharon
8th degree Senior ElderMasters
Chinese Shao-Lin Center- Kung Fu - Tai Chi / Wooden Man
(Est. 1979)


Brown Belts:
Tie' Cha - Iron Ruler Double Sai Form

Black Belts:
Shantung Hei Hu Shou Shang ~ Black Tiger Wounded

Hu He' Suang Hsing 

Classical Hung Gar Tiger / Crane Fighting Set
Saturday, December 5th (9 -10am) @ CSC Denver
Brown and above (for 4 weeks)

Click here for festival flyer

Tien Hsui - 36 Hit the BronzeMan 

Dim Mak with Solutions
Sunday, December 6th (10am - Noon)
Bring your Acupuncture Model w/ pins & chopsticks
4th Blacks & Above @ CSC Denver

Click here for festival flyer

Suang Chu Kuai 

Ancient Shao-Lin Double Chopsticks
Pressure Point Weapon
Sunday, December 13th (10am - 12Noon)
1st Blacks & Above @ CSC Denver

Yueh Fei's Shih Pa Kuan 

The Famous Chinese General's
(18 classical historic Chi Kung/Warrior's Postures)

Saturday, Dec. 19th (10AM – 12Noon)
Brown Belts & Above @ CSC Denver

Happy Holidays 

No classes Thursday, December 24th
Classes resume Saturday, December 26th

Classes will be held Thursday 12/31/2020
The most positive way to end 2020!

Enjoy your Holidays! ·