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July Recommended Movies

Akira Kurosawa Samurai Movies:

Chinese Culture & History:
Last Emperor, The

Traditional Kung Fu:
Five Deadly Venoms (5 Venom Mob)
Last Hurrah for Chivalry (5 Venom Mob)
Master of the Flying Guillotine (Jimmy Wang Yu)

Shaolin Temple Movies:
Shaolin vs. Wutang: (Gordon Liu Lar Kar Leung Director)

Samurai Movies:
Lone Wolf and Cub/ Baby Cart Series:
Baby Cart In The Land of Demons pt. 5

Modern Action:
Who Am I? (Jackie Chan)
One, The (Jet Li)

Legendary Heroes:
Wong Fei Hung Fong Sai Yuk Lam Sai Wing:

Once Upon A Time in China I:   (Jet Li)
Once Upon A Time in China II:  (Jet Li)

American Movies:
Remo Williams:the Advanture Begins