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October Recommended Reading

T'AI-CHI, THE SUPREME ULTIMATE EXERCISE FOR HEALTH, SPORT, AND SELF-DEFENSE by Cheng Man-ch'ing and Robert W. Smith. Charles E. Tuttle Co., Publisher. ISBN 0-8048-0560-1

A COMPLETE GUIDE TO CHI KUNG (Harnessing the Powers of the Universe) by Daniel Reid

GENERAL YUE FEI (A Novel by Qian Cai of the Qing Dynasty) Translated by T.L. Yang. ISBN 962.04.1279.6

THE ELEMENTS OF T'AI CHI by Paul Crompton. A compact, but wide ranging introduction to T'ai Chi from a Western perspective.

JOURNEY TO THE WEST by Wu ChengEn, translated by W. J. F. Jenner. The amazing adventures of the priest Xuanzang. In three volumes.