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External Arts Curriculum

The Chinese Shao-Lin Center for traditional Kung Fu is comprised of various colorful styles of skill and training, making up the extensive Shao-Lin System available today!

Whatever you’re body type, age and condition, we have a variety of options for you to choose from...

Some of the styles within the Shao-Lin Art are:
Northern and Southern Fist (Pei Chuan/Nan Chuan)
Hua Fist (Hua Chuan)
Drunken Fist (Pa Hsien-8 Immortals)
Chin Na (Holds & Counters)

...as well as, Animal styles such as:
* Black Tiger (Hei Chuan)
* White Crane (Pai Hao)
* Monkey (Hou Chuan)
* Preying Mantis (Tang Lang)
and Classical forms, such as:
* Tiger/Crane form (He/Hu Suang Hsing)
* Shao-Lin Original Five Animal form (Shao-Lin U Hsing Chuan)

Also, within the Shao-Lin system are the Classical Weapons, such as:
* the Monk's Staff (Pang)
* the Broadsword (Tao)
* the Kwan Tao
* the Spear (Chiang)
* the Double-edged Sword (Chien)
* the Tiger Hook Swords (Hu Tou Gou)
* the Butterfly Swords (Tie' Tao)
* the Iron Fan (San)
* the 3-Sectional Staff (San Chie Kuen)
* the 9- Sectional Steel Whip (Chou Chie San Pien)

…to name a few.

Internal Arts Curriculum