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Traditional Kung Fu
Tai Chi & Wooden Man Training
Denver, CO since 1979

"Mastery through time and effort"
will train both your mind and body.

The variety of styles will allow you
to train for maximum benefit of
health and self defense for
* Physical * Mental * Spiritual Health


Sweeps, Take Downs, Counters
(Headgear Required)

Sunday, July 21st, 10AM - 12Noon
OPEN to: All Students

Testimonial: Master Emir Santana - student since 1996

Master David's in depth knowledge of the Shaolin art, internal fighting systems and martial arts in general shines through when he instructs his students. Even after 30 years teaching Shaolin Kung Fu, he still maintains a young heart that is enthusiastic and eager to share the sometimes overwhelming abundance of knowledge.

What makes the school even more unique is that his wife Master Sharon is the perfect counter balance with a very different style of teaching and a slightly different perspective that occasionally focuses more on the conditioning and health aspects of the art as well as the more technical aspects of training. The two instructors are like Yin and Yang each having a good balance of martial application, conditioning, and technique, yet each emphasizing slightly different aspects of the art for a complete learning experience that is truly unique. We as students definitely get the of both worlds.

**Shao-Lin Kung Fu & Tai Chi of Denver "reserves the right" to terminate any membership, at any time.**

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