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I have never seen a school with such a variety of students. They have all ages of both men and women of all athletic abilities. You can be clumsy, uncoordinated, and unfit, and you won't be chased out by the macho elite. The instructors are excellent and they will know your name in no time. If you put in the effort, then your rewards will be great.

The World is a crazy place right now. But perhaps it has always been so. If I take a wide long look at history, oppression, 'isms of every kind and abuse have... always been with us. Perhaps that is why I am so grateful today, that I went to CSC Kung Fu last night. When I get to class and get out on the floor with my buddies, everything stops. My mind gets a break from the madness and my body gets worked and trained.

Last night's meditation/putting out the candle class with Master Sharon Soard was phenomenal. Yes, I went to bed with that familiar Shao-lin pain, but its worth it. I hope everyone can find a place, where they can turn off the madness for a while.

"Friends that train together, stay together! One meets the best people at CSC Shao-lin. . Shao-lin Kung Fu enriches my life, body, mind and spirit!.

"I began studying Shao-lin Kung Fu in December 2009 and earned my first degree Black Belt in August 2012."

Najah - 2nd Degree Black Belt 2016

Perry Miles 

"It was April 19th 2013 when I walked into the Chinese Shao-lin Center in Salt Lake City for the first time. Tomorrow I stand before a panel consisting of black belts, my Sifu, Masters and our Elder Master to demonstrate that I have acquired the martial skill to advance to the 1st degree black belt level.

I can honestly say that I haven't had this particular blend of emotions since I took my final PT test in Basic Training. But you know what, I have never been more prepared for anything in my life!!! Its hard to find a more passionate, dedicated and supportive group of people in this day and time than the ones I have met in Shao-lin. I have been supported and encouraged every step of the way and I would not be where I am now had it not been for them. Because of them, my fellow Shao-lin martial artist, I have an indescribable love for the Art of Shao-lin.

And even after all this journey begins tomorrow!"

Hello Master David and Master Sharon,

Your teaching, kindness and enthusiasm is very much appreciated.
Diego says that he always meets such kind people at Kung Fu.
Solomon's confidence has never been better. Refreshing!

So with much gratitude, thank you!

Natalee Mejia

Cheryl testing to 2nd degree black belt, June 8th, 2014.

The Chinese Shao-Lin School has brought many positive changes to my life. The diversity of the material that is taught, and the way he incorporates this rich art, not only into Martial Art Instruction, but into lessons on coping with lifes challenges make this School and Elder Master David a unique experience that I highly recommend.

Classes are challenging, full of History, Knowledge and fun! All of this made even more special under his tutelage of enthusiastic and inspiring teaching.
Cristy Gridley, Master Herbalist; Nutritional Consultant, N.C.

Ni Hao!

I have been a student at The Chinese Shao-lin Center since 1999. I started in the Colorado Springs school location five days after moving to Colorado!

I studied kungfu else where back east since 1991, so I was familiar with kungfu ... or so I thought I was.

Ever since that day, I as hooked! The amazing thing about this school and the instructors at Shao-Lin is the drive, passion, desire, care and concern that they have for each person. That care and concern goes beyond just the uniform, belts and stripes! Throughout my time training and learning with my Masters, they have been in my corner during the stormiest times in my life -- just like the legends of the ancient masters of kungfu over 1500 years ago. A true master is a true friend, and a true friend is a true master.

At Chinese Shao-Lin Center, you ARE somebody!

This environment promotes learning on all levels - physical, mental and emotional. I was amazed at what I learned to do. I am still amazed at what I can still do and continue to learn to do in this amazing art!

40 years old -- and still learning and having fun doing it in a great art, system and school with wonderful classmates and great Masters.
Zai Jian!

Stephen Benge
Shao-Lin since 1999

Nothing but the best!

Very hard to find a high ranking instructor working so hard to develop people at all ranks. Lots of experience and a clear understanding of Shaolin, its heritage, and real world application.

Carlos Valencia - 4th Degree Black Belt

Master David's in depth knowledge of the Shaolin art, internal fighting systems and martial arts in general shines through when he instructs his students. Even after 30 years teaching Shaolin Kung Fu, he still maintains a young heart that is enthusiastic and eager to share the sometimes overwhelming abundance of knowledge.

Master David makes learning fun with his witty humor and his astute observations. Above all, he has a deep understanding of actual fighting applications hidden within each fighting system and of the strategy required to set them up properly for sparring and combat application. His lectures and demonstrations of proper timing, strategy and use of deception for sparring and combat are always huge eye openers even to many of us senior students. I have had an amazing journey of discovery and learning as a student of the Shaolin art and I'm glad I discovered his school. I only wish I had started even earlier, for I had walked into the school countless times for a few years before actually joining.

What makes the school even more unique is that his wife Master Sharon is the perfect counter balance with a very different style of teaching and a slightly different perspective that occasionally focuses more on the conditioning and health aspects of the art as well as the more technical aspects of training. The two instructors are like Yin and Yang each having a good balance of martial application, conditioning, and technique, yet each emphasizing slightly different aspects of the art for a complete learning experience that is truly unique. We as students definitely get the of both worlds.

Emir Santana Student since 1996