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Shao-Lin Kung Fu & Tai Chi
Denver/Boulder Metro Areas:
(303) 455-4088
7174 Washington St.
Denver, CO 80229

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Friday Night Review 

The school will be open Friday, June 23rd from 6-8pm for testing students.

Advanced Black Belt Testing 

TESTING - Saturday, June 24th

2nd-3rd, 3rd-4th, 4th-5th Blacks (9AM - 1PM)
Senior Black Belt Panel Required

1st to 2nd Blacks Test (3pm-6pm)

Summer Festival 

Shao-Lin "Iron" Broom
Shao-Lin Tie Sao
Sunday, June 25th 9AM – 4PM @ Denver

OPEN TO ALL CSC Students/schools
under the guidance of the Elder Masters!

Free Tai Chi and Open Sparring Seminar 9am - 10:45am
1st 2019 China Trip Meeting @ Denver 10:45am - 11am

Click here for festival flyer