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Shao-Lin Kung Fu & Tai Chi
Denver/Boulder Metro Areas:
(303) 455-4088
7174 Washington St.
Denver, CO 80229

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Brown Belts:
Lien Wu Chang - 5 Directional Palm

Black Belts: Classical Pa Kua Chang Sections 4-6 w/ Applications (including Iron Rings) “Taoist 8 Changes of the PALM”

Los Angeles Elder Master Visit 

10,000 LOTUS BLOOMING “Buddhist Internal Fighting System”
SAT., Nov. 11TH Test/PreTest (8AM –11AM) @ CSC LA
SAT., Nov. 11TH Festival (11AM – 8PM)
White Belts & Above

For more information and sign-up/registration please go to the website of the hosting Chinese Shao-Lin Center...Website

Technical Punching & Kicking 

Focus, Snap, Power!
(Bring your Rebreakable Board)
Tuesday, Nov. 14TH (7PM)
OPEN To: White Belts & Above

Brown Belt PreTest 

Saturday, Nov. 25TH
(10AM – 11AM) @ CSC - DENVER

Black Belt Panel Required!

Hsiang Chung Li 

Taoist 8 Immortals – The Stomping Immortal
Intro to Fa Jing
Tuesday, Nov. 28th (7PM)
OPEN To: Brown Belts & Above (One Day ONLY!) ·

Giving Thanks 

No classes Thursday, November 23rd!
Enjoy your Holiday
Classes Resume on Saturday, November 25TH as usual! ·