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Almost SPRING Greetings, Shao-Lin Students, Masters and Instructors,

February was a FUN month of Kung Fu, and to start the Month of MARCH,
we have lots of exciting travel & training for All Levels!

Remember that Saturday night, March 9th we set our clocks forward and gain another hour of daylight on the way to Shao-Lin classes. More opportunity to go outside after work or school, and train on our Kung Fu weapons, as PreTests and Testing approaches.

Black Belts - start March 2024 with the powerful
Northern TAN Tui/Long Fist/Springy Legs
w/ Applications and also the Ie Pu Tui Ta /Ie Pa Fa Shu!
Beginning Saturday 3/2/24 – and offered 5 Days a Week.

Brown Belts - will be polishing and reviewing their elegant
Fukien WHITE CRANE system known for its grace, speed and accuracy.
And preparing for their TEST.

In Denver, we start the 3rd month with “LIU HSING CH’UAN” – Meteor Fist and
Our ever popular “Dr Hua Tou’s 5 ANIMAL FROLICS Immortality Chi Kung!

The FIRST of MARCH, will be our 1st Shao-Lin Road Trip to the “Land of Enchantment”
and the Chinese Shao-Lin Center” - Albuquerque, for their Annual testing and
the Rare Exciting Internal Fighting System:


And to challenge your skill/timing and coordination,
we are offering, One Day Only, "TAO vs Chiang" – Broadsword versus Spear
the 2-Person Weapon Fighting Set:
Sunday, March 10th @ 10am-12noon(Open to Brown and Black Belts)

For 1st degree Black Belts and Above, we will be offering the famous “TIGER/CRANE”!
The highest form within the Hung Gar style of Kung-Fu. Invented at the Shao-Lin Temples
in Ancient China, it has the perfect blend of both hard and soft, tension and relaxation, slow and fast.
Sunday, MARCH 17th 9am-12noon – 1 Day Only!

And ending out the month of MARCH, we will be offering to
1st Blacks and Above, the: “TAN TAO Yi CHIU CHIE SAN PIEN”
53 Posture SUNG Dynasty Broadsword and Whip Seminar and
our Black Belt PreTest & Brown Belt TEST on Sunday, March 31st
from (9am-12noon). Sr Black Belt Panel requested.

Liu Hsing Ch’uan – Meteor Fist 

The 4th and most secret of the internal fighting styles
Taoist Internal System, Classical Skill from the ancient Temples, featuring rapid/dynamic/explosive strikes utilizing the pressure points.
Starting Saturday, March 2nd (9am–10am)
OPEN to: Brown Belts & Above (For 5 Weeks)

Festival Flyer

Dr Hua Tou’s 5 Animal Frolics 

Dr Hua Tou is considered a “ShenYi”
Divine Physician and Medicinal Deity

Beginning Saturday, March 2nd, (12noon-1pm)
Open to: All Levels (For 5 Weeks!)

Festival Flyer

Albuquerque Elder Master Annual Visit  

Monkey’s Magical Disappearing Stick Festival
Don’t Miss this Rare Exciting Internal Fighting System
A FULL Day of Kung Fu! Saturday, March 2nd Test/Pretest (9am-12noon) @ CSC ABQ
Saturday, March 2nd (1pm-5pm)
OPEN to: All Students

Festival Flyer

Tan Tao Yi Chiu Chie San Pien 

Chain Whip & Broad Sword Form
53 Posture Sung Dynasty
Broadsword and Whip Seminar

skills of Focus / Concentration / EyeHand Coordination
(Foam and Duct Tape available for padding your 9 section whip)
Sunday, March 24th (9am–12noon) Open To: 1st Blacks & Above (1 Day Only!)

Festival Flyer

TAO vs CHIANG (Broadsword versus Spear) 

(Dynamic 2-person Weapon Fighting Set)
Sunday, March 10th, (10am-12pm)
(One Day Only!) Open to all Students

Festival Flyer

Classical Tiger/Crane Form 

Classical Tiger/Crane Form
The highest form within the Hung Gar style of Kung-Fu.
Invented at the Shao-Lin Temples in Ancient China
2nd Blacks & Above (One Day ONLY!)
Sunday, March. 17th, (9am–12noon)

Festival Flyer

Thursday Morning Class: 10am-1pm 

Thursday mornings-all levels.

Our morning classes have been quite popular and have had great attendance and success.

We look forward to seeing many of you during the mornings on Thursdays, to avoid rush hour.

Wooden Man Training 

Shao-Lin Wooden Man training, which is better than ever, now that we have A total of 11 Shao-Lin Wooden Men available on-site!
Plus, teaching Levels #1-14 Daily.

And now offering PART 14, the Fukien Bone Shattering Elbows featuring the Whirling, Spinning, and Crushing Close- range Techniques from the Southern Shaolin Temple.

Online Learning 

Our Online videos have added a feature known as: GUIDES grouping the training for both Lower Belts, Brown Belts, 1st Blacks and Wooden Man for their ease of learning and advancement.

100% of the Lower Belt Instructional Curriculum
90% of the Brown Belt & 1st Black Advancement Curriculum are posted and available.

And instruction and training:
Available BOTH Virtually/On-line and at the School.
Especially nice to train in the comfort and security of your home 24/7.

Be sure to Sign Up Now to get the Early Bird Discounts!

Online and In-Person Learning 

You can always renew/update your membership on the website, or by coming into the school, or mailing in your payment: Membership

To access your Instructional Videos, be sure your membership is up-to-date, and also that you have friended me on FaceBook. You will then be sent an “INVITE” to join your specific Group.

If you do have any questions, regarding any of the above, please FB message me. David Soard – FaceBook

Regarding the Shao-Lin Zen Forest Groups specific to a Festival/Seminar that was (is being) taught at the “Denver” Chinese Shao-Lin Center, the accompanying Zen Forest Group/Virtual videos/training will be available for 2 months/60 days following the date of the Festival!

Most of these Festivals are for advancement for those 2nd Black through 8th Black, and are taught/offered once every 2-4 years. ENJOY!

As has always been the case, for those wishing/needing additional training or review, signing up for a Private Lesson: in-person or virtual is always available - just contact us any time.

We hope everyone is enjoying and benefiting from
the FaceBook OnLine “Shao-Lin” Zen Forest Groups, for all levels.
Shao-Lin “Zen Forest” Groups – There are now over “100” videos
for Shao-Lin Active students.

Shao-Lin “Zen Forest” Groups
(Please click below on the “Group” you’re interested in joining)

Shao-Lin Zen Forest Lower Belt - Tai Chi Group

Shao-Lin Zen Forest Wooden Man - Iron Monk Group

Shao-Lin Zen Forest Wooden Man Part XII+ Group

Shao-Lin Zen Forest Brown Belt Group

Shao-Lin Zen Forest Black Belt Group

Shao-Lin Zen Forest Dragon Meditation Group

Celebrating 50 Years of Kung Fu!
And 35 Years of Trips/Travel to Zhong Guo – The MIDDLE KINGDOM!

David and Sharon
9th degree Senior ElderMasters
Chinese Shao-Lin Center- Kung Fu - Tai Chi / Wooden Man
(Est. 1979)
www.Shao- Lin.com