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I'm over 40 - can I do Shao-lin?
YES! We have many students from all walks of life interested in getting in better physical and mental shape. Students that cannot participate in particular areas of conditioning have an abundance of other material that will help get and keep you in shape!

My doctor recommends some kind
of stretching and exercise

Can I do Shao-lin?
Many experts today encourage activity to keep us young and flexible. We have passive conditioning classes, breathing exercises that build and continue on to more involved classes, such as Tai Chi Chaun.

What kind of mental training might I expect?

Most students comments that Shao-lin provided so much more than they expected!

In addition to the physical training and conditioning, mental conditioning is also emphasized.

Correct breathing techniques are taught, as well as, forms (katas) which are an excellent way for the brain to learn new patterns - "Learned" information. Experts say this is critical in achieving a healthy mind and body as we get older.

Is there a specific time in the class cycle when I should start my training?

No! Students WORK at their OWN PACE and
new students can JOIN at ANYTIME.

What about kids!?
For children the recommended age is 12 years old, however, we will allow a student as young as 9 or 10 yrs old if an older sibling or parent joins with them.

We suggest that you purchase only a 1 month membership for a youngster under 12, and have them join on a trial basis to see how the 1st month goes.

Kung Fu is a great family activity!

Is Shao-lin Kung Fu suitable for women?
Absolutely, we have many women in the art, various ages and rank. Besides learning the self defense aspect, the conditioning and mental training ensure a long, healthy life!.

The techniques developed in Shao-lin Kung Fu were designed for a smaller practitioner to defeat a larger more powerful attacker through superior skill, strategy and technique. Studying Shao-lin is the perfect preparation for a woman seeking effective and universal self-defense skills.

In fact, the founder of Wing Chun, the style of Kung Fu that Bruce Lee studied, was a Shao-lin nun.