Brown Belts:Yen He' - Performing Swallow
Black Belts: Classical Pa Kua Chang - Section 1-3 w/applications. Including iron rings
Taoist 8 Changes of the Palm

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Shao-lin Double Daggers 1st Road

Shuang Pi Shou Ti Ie Lu – One of the Hidden Short Weapons within Shaolin tradition
Tuesday, October 10th (7PM)
OPEN to: Open to All Levels! @ CSC DENVER

Albuquerque Elder Master Visit

Iron Ruler Crushes the Demon
Saturday, October 21st
Test/PreTest 8am - 11am
Festival 11am - 6pm OPEN to: All Students!

San He' Ch'ien

Iron Bell Chi Kung - (Iron Shirt/Iron Vest Chi Kung)
Thursday, Oct. 26TH (7PM)
OPEN To: White Belts & Above

Bring your Rebreakable Board!

Albuquerque Festival 10/21/17
Shao-Lin Road Trip NEXT Weekend .... To NM!!!!
Calling all Demon Slayers!!
(Perfect Festival for this time of Year - Happy Halloween!!!)
@ CSC-Albuquerque ...
(Advanced Double-Sai Festival)

Open to all CSC students
Sign Up NOW www.Shao-Lin.com