Brown Belts:
Tie' Cha - Iron Ruler Double Sai Form

Black Belts:
Classical Pa Kua Chang Sections 7-8
PaKua 2-Person Fighting Set w/ Applications
(including Iron Rings)
8 Changes of the PALM

Hsing-I Shur Ar Hsing

Dynamic 12 Animal Fist-Taoist Internal System
Saturday, December 2nd, (9AM - 10AM)
for 5 weeks

1st Blacks & Above

Black Belt PreTest & Brown Belt Test

Sunday, December 10th (8AM – 12Noon)
Senior Black Belt Panel Required!

Sunday, December 10th (12Noon - 2PM)
Black Belt Panel Required!

Hsin I Ch'uan

Heart Will Fist
Advanced Internal Form
Sunday, December 10th (2PM - 5PM)

Open to All Levels!

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Tien Hsui - Time-Related Death Points

Hit the BronzeMan
Sunday, Dec. 10TH (5PM – 8Pm)

OPEN to: 4th Blacks & Above!

2018 Elder Master Visits

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Shao-lin Double Daggers 2nd Road

Shuang Pi Shou Ti Ie Lu – One of the Hidden Short Weapons within Shaolin tradition
Tuesday, December 19th (7PM-9PM)
OPEN to: Open to All Levels!

Happy Holidays

No class: Sunday, December 24th!
Classes resume Tuesday, December 26th

Enjoy your Holidays!

Winter Festival